Homemade Games

Vampire (JPN) by Sprite Soft (video)- Found a vampire4.zip dated with files dated 4/2/2000 on a backup CD from 2003. - Made for Win95 but runs perfect on Win7 - Excellent Cv style game though either a demo or unfinished, yet still offering a lot to play through with just end credits at the end. Only attack seems to be the whip and you can high jump. Platforming can be difficult to control. Good bosses. Not too hard once you get the hang of it. Running and jumping over regular enemies is sometimes an easier strategy. Just subscreen is in Japanese and messing with it doesn't seem to do anything. I was really surprised to find its original music tracks are just midi files as it is very high quality and this game has a great sound engine to play them right.
English text file I typed up.
Sonia Belmont (right-click, save as) (text file) to replace Mirenia in Vampire. Sprites by Thaddeus, mgfCortez, Jorge, and me. Had to cut&paste and touch up a lot to shoehorn GFX into the same dimensions of what I replaced. There's many frames that probably aren't used. Came out alright but anyone is welcome to try doing better. I'm not much of a graphic artist.

Castlevania Fighter by Serio with input from many - Though based on Mugen it plays like Boss Rush mode of Cv games and the over 20 Cv heroes and other characters control Cv style. Plus you can fight each other. Incredibly awesome! Very high quality.

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Revamped by MetroidQuest - Great CvII remake, but no continue option so save often

The Soul of Dracula - Very good

Castlevania SotN hack engine by Esco - Just the prologue and opening fight in the demo but great SotN remake in the works. Also available is an older hack patch for the PSX game of Esco's previous extensive work before changing over to Game Maker, properly utilizing it

Dracula's Shadow by Michmede Company - Good 8-bit Simon Quest type game with Sebastian Belmont, Melissa Schneider, and Igor to tag between. Melissa uses colorized version of Sonia's Cv Legends sprites and includes her ability to crawl. Colors go wrong in full screen mode under Win 7 but are fine in Win 98.

Castlevania Quest by Michmede Company - Action game with 8-bit CvII GFX. Jumping is awkward though.

Castlevania Quest Horror by Michmede Company - Pseudo 3D game that cell shades Cv II Sprites.

Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony and Stranger's Requiem - by Frontier Aja - Looks like excellent games with some SotN elements but straight stage progression. Unfortunately, I can't find any links to the old demo versions and don't know how to order the full versions from their website.

Super Vampire Killer - Super CvIV plus other gfx and style. A good demo but whipping at end of a jump stays in jumping frames until attack completes and jumping onto stairs has too loose collision detection so Simon's sprites jump a good bit as they instantly snap onto steps. Just one long single stage and a test level. Wide variety of subitems from SuperCvIV, Simon's Quest, Bloodlines, and a Rondo style flame whip as a subweap. Shame this project didn't go further.

Castle of Nightmares by Zuljaras - early demo off to a good start, pretty original SotN style game.

Castlevania X (Bloodletting) by Falchion22 - Soundless abandoned demo that's a guess at what the canceled Cv Bloodletting for Sega 32X would have been. Based on Mugen but is actual Cv style stage progression.

Castlevania: The Bloodletting by Piscesdreams - another guess at the canceled game. This beta seems to be a complete game but can be pretty glitchy.

dracula1.zip/dracula2.exe (JPN) - dated 5/25/2000 found on 2003 backup - Has messed up colors in Win 7 but it's fine in Win 98. Menu text doesn't display right for me. Shows up as random shapes so I can't attempt to translate, but easy enough to figure out. There seems to be just the stage select, info/credit screens, and quit. Mostly 8-bit gfx but also some stuff from the SNES Castlevanias. Game features Trevor(Ralf Belmondo), huge variety of enemies from the looks of its resource folders, possibly 50 stages with a stage select. Unfortunately most stages seem to be literally impossible. Definately the hardest Cv ever. Its midi folders are a wealth of Cv music ranging in quality.

Vampire Blaze v2.D.1 - might be awesome if you get it to work alright. Gives an unreadable error message and closes as soon as I choose character.

Castlevania Online by Kotai - Glitching up and not working right for me so far. Gotta mess with it some more. Has 41 playable characters though not a whole lot of depth in them, tons of stages to download. Originally Spanish with not so good English language file. I think it's been around over a decade and still having stuff made for it so it must work fine for lots of people.

Vampire Hunters for PSP which I don't have - based on Beats of Rage engine with I do have some good versions on Dreamcast

Regular Mugen - You can find lots of Cv heroes and enemies plus somewhere there's a madeup Simon Belmont drawn to match up with usual fighting games if you want to have him slay some other vampires such as Demitri or Jedah from Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior or Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. (Dio's Stone Mask is an item found in the Long Library in SotN)

Kenjivania 2 - Pretty cool flash game

Flapplevania - Just odd...

Battlestorm Classics - Mugen game with Cv & Contra & other heroes&enemies focusing on classic action game style gameplay - No link unless I find it without a trojan (My protection deletes it). So I haven't played it.

Some suggestions on control options:
Get SNES-to-USB adapters at RetroUSB.com and/or some PSX-to-USB adapters (I got some cheap Radio Shack ones that work good). Get the utility JoyToKey to map keyboard keys to your controllers. Some games have issues or poor/outdated compatibility with controls and JoyToKey should solve any of them.

A few more links:
Homebrews page at Mr P's Castlevania Realm which has screenshots and more description of some of these games.

I haven't covered flash or java games much, but The Castlevania Crypt has a page of links to flash games.

Game Room in the Castlevania Attic hosted by The Inverted Dungeon (funny stuff) - only place I know to get Super Vampire Killer which I previously covered.

May find more news or stuff at Chapel of Resonance's forum

Untold challenges to come...

Super Castlevania III by Las, Reiko26, theRetroArtist, & Others - Great remake of CvIII coming along good, but only early demo releases far from its current state may be floating around.

Games currently unreleased yet as far as I know...

Castlevania Chronicles - Dracula's Curse by BMC_War Machine - another Cv III remake or rearrangement. Looking real good.

Vamprotector by BMC_War Machine - Cv + Contra(Probotector in Europe)

?, formally called Vampira by Thaddeus - Cv + Contra

Super Haunted Castle - Haunted Castle + X68000 & more style Cv game in the works. Looking real good.

Castlevania Moonlight Requiem - Last updated 2011

GMvania - by Theou Aegis - Cv game in the works

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