Reconstructing the Tower of Babel... Breaking the language barrier...

Translation Patches in chronological order

1476: Akumajou Densetsu/CvIII (or keep Japanese names)
1698: Cv II Re-translated +Map (press select), seems to work alright applied on top of Moody patch.
1698: Cv II Swedish translation
1792: Drac X Rondo of Blood
1797: Drac X Nocturne in the Moonlight

Partial Translations

1450: Akumajou Drac Dark Night Prelude (Legends) - SotN GFX Remix (and Speed Hack combines well on top of this)
1691: Castlevania (US) - Curse of Suffering hack (Spanish or maybe Brazil Portuguese)
1748: Cv Concerto of the Midnight Sun (HoDis) - Revenge on the Findesiecle hack
2035: Cv Aria of Sorrow Fix (Corrects translation errors)

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