Have you any chance against these insurmountable forces?...

Suggested music to accompany your stay...


Mr P's Castlevania Realm

The Castlevania Dungeon - Great site, though not updated in a while, its forum is alive and well

Hardcore Gaming 101 - affiliate of Cv Dungeon, recently produced a great Castlevania series retrospective book

Jorge's page and youtube channel

The Castlevania Crypt

The Inverted Dungeon - may not be updated anymore but some hilarious stuff

The Castlevania Attic

Archive of Machinegun's Messing Up Dracula's Turf

Rom Hacking .Net

Some H.P. Lovecraft

Other unrelated music:
Hannibal Lecter vs Jack the Ripper
Video Massacre
Video Massacre Videos
Black Fate

My other unrelated stuff:
C&C XO (Command & Conquer, Red Alert 1 & 2)
MK custom fighters and fighting styles (Mortal Kombat Armageddon, over 48 of them)
My Rom Hacks
Technos (River City Ransom & brutal sports spinoffs)
Technos Technique Guide
Strife & Doom

Other other:
StopTheThyroidMadness.com - Get informed before you let the medical cartel ruin your life or anyone's life.