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Various Rom and ISO Hacks

NES Castlevania
So good that actual carts were made:
*** Chorus of Mystery (Armund DaNasty vs Count Orlox in 1800)
*** Overflow Darkness (Reborn style Simon)
*** Blood Moon (Red orange redrawn Simon, super hard)
Extensive (includes level changes):
** Bloody Adventures
** Fan Edition (CvII style Simon and GFX)
* Reborn (Chronicles style Simon)
* Retold v2.0 (regular Simon)
* Hell's Fury (regular Simon, 20 lives, super hard)
* Curse of Suffering (Simon wearing black, 7 lives, foreign language)
* Remix (Dark style, but some invisible candles and items)
Other Good:
* Extreme (Cv1&II mix style Simon, levels, JPN title & difficulty select)
* Shadows (Blue Simon, total recolor, good levels)
* Michael's Mod (Good levels, zombies sometimes do surprise attack)
* Opposing Bloodlines (Richter vs other NES game stuff, GFX only?)
* Slumber of Darkness v1.2 (levels, keep whip power & weapons, easy multishot)
* Stairs of Doom (levels only but good)
Red Scale (Cv in shades of red ranging orange to magenta)
Skel's Revenge (Sword skeleton with annoying shift in animation, levels)
Simplified v2.0 (Makes game easier)
Not so good:
- Poisoness Offering (Interesting but not great levels)
- Dracula's Revenge (not good levels)
- Winter (Red & black Simon, too much white, levels could be better)
- Pencilvania (two color gray and white recolor, bad loss of detail)
- Scenery (does not look good, goofed up music)
Patches with issues:
- Prelude of Darkness (Ext. but gfx screwed up unlike screenshots, light Blood Moon Simon)
- Boss Rush v1.1 (status bar gfx messed for first level, two hits kill)

Euro NES Castlevania
* Orchestra of Despair (Extensive, Another different Chronicles style Simon, New Bosses)
* Horror of Dracula v2.0 (Extensive, slightly recolored Simon)

NES CvII: Simon's Quest
*** Retranslated+Map (Select for map, Seems to combine well on top of Moody)
*** Simon's Redaction (Lots of little tweaks, Seems to combine well on top of Moody)
*** Moody
* Remix w/ and w/o new sound/music (area change, dark remix)
* Lame Edition (new areas & quest)
* Opposing Bloodlines 2 (Seems to combine well with Moody)(Other Cv GFX, CvIII characters)
* Vengeance on Hell (Blue Knight with sword, lots of GFX)
* BBQ's Dishonor Thy Father (Ridiculous but good)
* SuperCv2 (Other NES game characters)
Swedish Translation
Cv1 Style Simon Restore
Save Ram Implemention
Double Hearts
No False Floors
Fast Day Night Transition

NES CvIII: Dracula's Curse
*Resurrection (Recolor with better Japanese GFX & Music)
*Shimon's Curse (Whip Skeleton)
Fix (All, individual color fixes, uncensor)
Rebalanced (Tweaks and nerfs)
Debug Menu
Scenery v3.01 (not good levels)
Remix (Can't apply patch)

Famicom Akumajou Densetsu (Demon Castle Legend) (Japanese CvIII)
*** Translation
*** Translation with JPN names
Fix All (color fixes)

SNES Castlevania Dracula X
***Trevor X (And red blood uncensored)
*Unsung Villain (And red blood uncensored)
*Stylish Richter

JPN PCE Duo CD Akumajou Dracula X Rondo of Blood
*** Translation v1.1

JPN PSX Akumajou Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight
*** Translation

Gameboy The Castlevania Adventure
Fix + Speed

Euro Gameboy Color Konami GB Collection vol 1 with Cv Adventure
Fix + Speed

*You're still better off playing Cv Adventure Rebirth (downloadable WiiWare)

GB CvII: Belmont's Revenge
Speed v1.1
Soleiyo's Revenge (with speed)

GB Dracula Densetsu II (Dracula Legend II) (Japanese CvII:BR)
Speed v1.1

JPN GB/SuperGB Konami Collection 3 with Dracula Densetsu II (color with SGB border)

Euro GBC Konami GB Collection vol 4 with CvII:Belmont's Revenge (Best Color, no SGB border)
* Speed v1.1
* Soleiyo's Revenge (with speed)

GB Cv Legends
* Speed

GB Akumajou Dracula Shikkokutaru Zensoukyoku (Dark Night Prelude) (Japanese Cv Legends)
* Speed (Seems to apply well on top of either of the next two patches)
* SotN Remix New GFX v2.0
* Shikko (New GFX)

GBA Cv Harmony of Dissonance
* Noglo
* Palette of Dignity (Seems to combine with noglo well)

JPN GBA Cv Concerto of the Midnight Sun (Japanese Harmony of Dissonance)
*** Revenge on the Findesiecle (Final)
* Revenge on the Findesiecle (older version)
* Noglo

GBA Cv Aria of Sorrow
*AoS Fix (Corrects translation errors)

Contra Hard Corps
* CHC Enhancement + Lifebar Restore

Hacks of other games
* Faxanavania
* Ralph Belmondo Densetsu
Belmont's Island (not so good, doesn't change death frames)

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