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The Treasury

GBA Cv Circle of the Moon save data
Includes someone else's save game for the sake of enabling magician mode.
Magician mode at various bosses (with no subweapon so you can do itemless crash with Pluto+Salamander cards)
Magician at other bosses and Fighter mode enabled

Fun PSX save data for ePSXe 1.9.0
Backup your memcard data files before copying mine in.
By copying saves between memcard 1 & 2 and mixing one of my data and yours,
you can organize a good combined selection of your data and mine together.
For US SotN:
One save file is someone else's for the sake of enabling things.
There's mine substantially far into the game with a good amount of rare items at L48 with high luck but low other stats.
One L47 copy is right at the fake CvIII hunters.
One L48 copy with Axe Armor at the fake hunters.
I have the Greatest Hits rerelease of the game but that probably doesn't matter.
For JPN NitM version 1.0 with translation patch applied:
Game cleared with over 200% and highly powered up Muramasa.
For US Castlevania Chronicles:
Save data with arrange mode beat and ready to resume back near the end of the game.
The backup on second memcard you would have to copy in emulated bios, is for about halfway through the game.
Chronicles freezes a lot in the emu for me though.

PCE Drac X Rondo of Blood 100% save data
And a save state for Carmilla.
This is for a translation patched game. That probably doesn't matter for the normal save file but it might for the save state.

Skinny DVD case cover for translated PCE Rondo of Blood (6 megabyte zip)

Wii save data only (not the games) - Don't know if it's WiiU compatible.
Wii Rondo of Blood 100% save data
Wii Cv Adventure Rebirth save data - Easy & Normal beat, up to stage 3 on hard selectable (hold right awhile on title screen)

Cv Icons I put together. Largest view of Bloodlines one is art by Jorge. Not sure of any other sources if there's not all official art.

Vampire (JPN) by Sprite Soft (video)- Found a vampire4.zip dated with files dated 4/2/2000 on a backup CD from 2003. - Made for Win95 but runs perfect on Win7 - Excellent Cv style game though either a demo or unfinished, yet still offering a lot to play through with just end credits at the end. Only attack seems to be the whip and you can high jump. Platforming can be difficult to control. Good bosses. Not too hard once you get the hang of it. Running and jumping over regular enemies is sometimes an easier strategy. Just subscreen is in Japanese and messing with it doesn't seem to do anything. I was really surprised to find its original music tracks are just midi files as it is very high quality and this game has a great sound engine to play them right.
English text file I typed up.
Sonia Belmont (right-click, save as) (text file) to replace Mirenia in Vampire. Sprites by Thaddeus, mgfCortez, Jorge, and me. Had to cut&paste and touch up a lot to shoehorn GFX into the same dimensions of what I replaced. There's many frames that probably aren't used. Came out alright but anyone is welcome to try doing better. I'm not much of a graphic artist.

dracula1.zip/dracula2.exe (JPN) - dated 5/25/2000 found on 2003 backup - Has messed up colors in Win 7 but it's fine in Win 98. Menu text doesn't display right for me. Shows up as random shapes so I can't attempt to translate, but easy enough to figure out. There seems to be just the stage select, info/credit screens, and quit. Mostly 8-bit gfx but also some stuff from the SNES Castlevanias. Game features Trevor(Ralf Belmondo), huge variety of enemies from the looks of its resource folders, possibly 50 stages with a stage select. Unfortunately most stages seem to be literally impossible. Definately the hardest Cv ever. Its midi folders are a wealth of Cv music ranging in quality.

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